About maracaBOOM!

maracaBOOM! is a music group in Portland, Oregon, whose goal is to bring the profound beauty, energy, and diversity of Northeastern Brazilian popular and folkloric music, culture, and tradition to North America.
Primarily a percussion ensemble, maracaBOOM! encourages the involvement of community members as collaborators, co-conspirators, and performers.
Open rehearsals are Sundays at 6 PM in Irvington.
Email us to confirm – maracaboom*gmail.

We ask people to watch a bit before jumping in, and invite people to watch a little or a lot before jumping in.
It’s not a drum circle!  the parts are set, and they’re not simplified for North American drummers.  We try people out on different instruments to see what their hands and ears can do.  Not everybody is good at everything — we look for a ‘best fit’ that matches the strengths of each new member.

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